About Us

With our years of experience we have built a large base of trusted contacts who we have first-hand experience of working and negotiating with. Ranging from Global Account Directors to highly capable Pre-Sales Technical Experts who all drive and understand the sales process from end to end. Many of these sales professionals are keen and ready to take on new challenges. With this knowledge, we take time to coach our trusted candidates to ensure no time is wasted throughout the recruitment process. Key roles can be completed very efficiently saving valuable hours which will accelerate performance.


Value Statement

Honesty, integrity and transparency are words often used within leading company’s mission statements and executive summaries. For us at Baron Leigh Partners these elements are a given. Our key USP’s and Values are focused around the “actual” experience we have acquired having “lived and breathed” Sales, Account Development and Leadership at the cutting edge for many years. We completely understand Sales targets, KPI’s driving sales excellence and therefore realise exactly what candidates and employers alike are searching for.

Our Aim

This isn’t a “numbers game” for us where Sales Leaders and recruitment teams trawl through CV’s. We have all wasted many hours “kissing frogs” and realised in the first minute that either the candidate or the role is not a good match. We confidentially hand-pick the best candidate at all times so you can proceed with your business plans quickly with maximum impact.

Summary Statement

Use our experience and knowledge to link you to the highest standard of candidates for your specific roles. We will ensure you have the highest and quickest return on your time and financial investment which will accelerate business performance. All our focus is highly confidential on all levels.